19 Oct 2018First Round: Online Application Deadline
(Mainly project title and team member information required)
All Undergraduate Students
2 Nov 2018First Round: Concept Proposal Submission Deadline
(Project supervisor, project team and concept proposal required to be finalised)
All Applicants
30 Nov 2018Announcement of Semi-finalists
(Semi-finalists will be selected and announced)
All Applicants
Dec 2018 – Mid Mar 2019Semi-final: Preparation for Final ReportsSemi-finalists
15 Mar 2019Semi-final: Exhibition Posters & Final Reports Submission DeadlineSemi-finalists
28 Mar 2019Semi-final: Project Exhibition (Venue Set up)Semi-finalists
29 Mar - 4 Apr 2019Semi-final: Project Exhibition (Open to public)

and public audience
1 Apr 2019

Semi-final: Project Exhibition (Selection Committee Visit)
(Project teams conduct on-site presentation and demonstration) 

and Selection Committee
4 Apr 2019Semi-final: Project Exhibition (Venue Resume)Semi-finalists
12 Apr 2019Announcement of Finalists
(Finalists will be selected and announced)
17 Apr 2019Finalists’ PresentationFinalists and Selection Committee
19 Apr 2019Announcement of Awardees
(Awardees will be selected and announced)
29 Apr 2019Meeting with the President cum Award Presentation CeremonyThe President, Project Supervisors, Awardees