The competition consists of: Semi-final and Final. President's Cup winners of different awards would be determined at the final round.

The four classes of awards:

President’s CupHKD 10,000
GoldHKD 6,000
SilverHKD 3,000
Special Mention-

The eminent winners get an extravagant treatment for winning the prestigious awards. Winners not only are entitled to trophies, certificates and cash prizes*, a gathering with the President is arranged for the winners to present their projects to the President and exchange ideas on related topics. On top of that, the award-winning projects may be recommended to participate in the Challenge Cup, a national academic competition held every two years, subject to the rules of the competition.

* Amounts of cash prizes for President’s Cup are HKD 10,000, HKD 6,000 and HKD 3,000 for the President’s Cup, Gold and Silver awards respectively. The amounts are subject to change for future competitions.

The Selection Committee is responsible for:

  • overseeing the management and operation of the President’s Cup;
  • selecting entries for the semi-final, the final and the awards.


To enter the competition, participants must submit online application form and upload the required documents on or before 7 March 2022. All submitted entries are judged by the Selection Committee based on the following selection criteria:

i) Project Objective ii) Innovativeness iii) Originality

The number of shortlisted entries varies from year to year and is determined by the Selection Committee.

Semi-final Round

The semi-final is followed by the President’s Cup Project Exhibition, which is open to public and usually held on campus in March. Each project is designated a booth for presentation in the form of a poster exhibition along with onsite demonstration of the new invention or display of any project deliverables, such as models, photographs, leaflets, booklets, etc. Semi-finalists must be readily available at a scheduled time for direct communication with the Selection Comittee.

Based on evaluations of both the final report and the project exhibition, the Selection Committee would determine which projects to proceed to the final round.

Final Round

The final round is an oral presentation usually scheduled in April. Finalists are required to give a 15-minute oral presentation followed by a Q & A session for Selection Committee members to ask questions.

Selection Committee would deliberate at a scheduled meeting after the final round to determine the winners.