Participants must submit all of the following to make a successful entry:

  1. ONE online application form can be submitted as:
    - An individual entry; or
    - A group entry, where a group can consist of no more than six members.

  2. ONE evaluation form (To be completed by Project Supervisor or Endorsing Faculty Member)
    Please download template here and upload the completed evaluation form with the application form.

  3. ONE project report written in English which includes
    i)    A project title;
    ii)   Personal details of the author(s) (i.e., name, student ID, school, department, year of study); 
    iii)  An abstract;
    iv)  Detailed description of the project;
    v)   Discussion; and
    vi)  References.
    The final report should not exceed 20 pages, including the title page, associated illustration and references. It should be uploaded with the application form.​
  4. TWO posters for project exhibition
    PDF file required; each poster size:  980mm (w) x 1300mm (h) 
    Please upload the PDF file with the application form.

  5. ONE initial presentation
    Format: a dynamical video presentation; or a powerpoint presentation with voice over
    Length: 5-6 mins (no more than 7-8 slides)
    Key topics to be covered: 
        • The problem to be solved
        • Methodology
        • Innovation of idea
        • Execution of the project
    ​​​​​​​    • Impact
    Please upload your presentation to OneDrive or Google Drive and provide the download link in the application form.