1. Entries must be based on the work done by current HKUST full-time undergraduate students within one year of the date of application.

  2. Exchange students at HKUST are eligible to participate under the condition that the submitted entry is a “group entry” with at least one regular HKUST student being a collaborator of the project.

  3. Entries can be on application basis or nominated by faculty members or fellow students. In any case, each entry must be  endorsed by the project supervisor(s) or faculty member(s).

Entries that are the following are considered NOT eligible:
  1. Collaborative work with postgraduate students / non-students / non-HKUST students
  2. Projects that have previously won any awards in international and/or national competitions
  3. Survey reports or academic papers that have previously been published in any journal, except for conference abstracts.

Entry Categories

Students are welcome to submit entries of the following categories:
  1. Academic paper or survey report in any field - can be based on final year projects, case studies, and term papers
  2. Invention / Innovation / New software / Novel idea

Making an Entry

To enter the competition, participants must submit an online application form and a concept proposal of their project before the deadline.

  1. An application form and a concept proposal can be submitted as
    • An individual entry; or
    • A group entry, where a group can consist of no more than six members.

  2. A concept proposal should be written in English and should not exceed 2 A4 pages (excluding the title page), it should include:
    • A title page stating clearly the project title and personal details of the author(s) (i.e., full name, student ID, school, department, major, year of study, email and phone number);
    • A digest of the proposed project (indicating the main ideas of the entry);
    • Work plan and projected date of completion;
    • Innovation Points;
    • Form of deliverables / Expect Impacts;
    • Appendices and references (if applicable); and
    • Endorsement of the project supervisor(s) or faculty member(s).

Concept Proposal Template can be downloaded here.


Participants must submit all of the following to make a successful entry:
  1. ONE online application form
  2. ONE original hard copy of the endorsed concept proposal
  3. ONE scanned copy of the endorsed concept proposal

Submissions of (2) can be made by hand to Office of the Dean of Students (Room 5022, Lift 3) during office hours; (3) can be submitted by email to prescup@ust.hk, subject "President's Cup 2019 - Concept Proposal Submission".



All submissions should reach the Office of the Dean of Students by the deadline.